How to download Flyve MDM?

GLPI Plugin: you can download the plugin from GitHub Release

MDM Agent: from Google Play Store or GitHub Release

Flyve MDM Agent Beta Version

Flyve MDM Agent on Google Play Store

How to install Flyve MDM?

The plugin counts with a wizard that will guide through every step and command. For the Agent, you only need to download the application.

How to use Flyve MDM?

In the following documentation, you will find the explanation how to get started with Flyve MDM.

Android MDM Agent Documentation

Web MDM Dashboard Documentation

What are the components of Flyve MDM?

  • Flyve MDM plugin for GLPI 
  • Flyve MDM Dashboard 
  • Flyve MDM Agent (Android only, iOS is in progress) 
  • Flyve MDM Inventory Agent for Android 
  • Flyve MDM Inventory Agent for iOS


*Demo version is available under request. Please, fill in this form to receive credentials:


Code: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL v3.0).

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